Fire resistant wall panels: GIPLAST and NOFLAMAT

GIPLAST and NOFLAMAT are fire resistant wall panels based on moisture-resistant backer board. They are used for decorative finish of premises with high fire safety requirements.

The panels are intended for interior decoration of residential, industrial and public buildings, including: trade enterprises, public catering facilities, sports facilities, cultural and entertainment facilities, medical, general health institutions and health resorts, as well as facilities of the Ministry of Education.

The panels are used for:

  • finishing of walls
  • construction of internal walls in the premises
  • window sills
  • office partitions


  • fire-resistance (flammability group - Г1) 
  • water resistance 
  • UV resistance 
  • resistance to chemical agents and reagents 
  • temperature resistance  
  • resistance to abrasion and other mechanical effects 
  • beauty and expressiveness of decors 
  • environmental and health safety
  • simplified installation

Special features of installation

  • no need for preliminary finishing and preparation of premises walls
  • no wet work cycle: almost no construction waste and dirt
  • easy installation and fast finishing works
  • no need for additional finishing of walls
  • immediate access to utilities
  • easy maintenance and repair (replacement of sheets, removal of contaminations)
  • integrity of finishing after buildings settlement