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To achieve perfect quality and comply with the highest standards, we produce our products with the use of equipment of the leading European manufacturers only.

Lines for production of furniture facades and worktops have been created in Germany especially for Soyuz IG, and they have no analogs in the world .

Plastics of only international manufacturers, market leaders are used as a raw material to manufacture our products. About 80% of coatings which we use are materials of European suppliers.

Long-term partnership with the best suppliers of equipment and raw materials enables us to assure high reliability and safety of products, to offer the optimal price/quality ratio, and to maintain the leading positions in the market of furniture components.

Suppliers of equipment


BEISSE Group is a global leader in the field of wood processing machine tools. Designing, manufacture, and sale of technological solutions for wood processing since 1969.


The world's leading manufacturer of surface treatment and coating equipment in the wood-processing industry

Barberán S.A.

Barberán S.A. is a leading company in the designing and manufacture of industrial equipment for surface finishing founded in 1929.

Koch manufacture

KOCH company – manufacture of high quality wood-processing equipment: the most advanced machine tools for cutting, milling, drilling, glue injection and doweling.


Paul company is the world's leading manufacturer of wood-processing circular saw machine tools and machine tools for industrial wood processing.


WEINIG Group is a group of companies that supply high quality wood processing equipment to all parts of the globe.


HOMAG Group is a world leader in package production solutions for furniture and woodworking industry.


Dupohl company is the world's most innovative company for development of profile wrapping technologies, as well as laminating and peripheral machine tools for woodworking industry.

Suppliers of materials


Formica is a leading supplier of proprietary design solutions for commercial and consumer applications worldwide. The world's largest producer of high-pressure plastic (HPL)


Slotex is a dynamically developing, innovative, and diversified company which specializes in the production of high-quality modern materials for the manufacture of furniture.


Laminated Plastics Plant is an industrial enterprise of the Russian Federation that manufactures and supplies decorative high-pressure paper-based plastic laminate sheets.


It is a leading supplier of decorative films, adhesives, as well as surface treatment and refinement technologies in Russia.


Impress Group of Companies has more than 85 years of experience in the field of furnishing print and production of finish film.


ABET LAMINATI is a concern founded in 1957, one of the world leaders in the production of decorative plastics.


Group of companies RENOLIT has been setting standards for quality and innovation in the production of high-quality polymer films for more than 70 years


Egger is a global company founded in 1961. "Egger" Group of companies is one of the leading manufacturers of materials used for furniture industry