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The Perfect series contains the most up-to-date decors, which comply with the modern design trends involving the use of natural materials in the interiors.
Expressive decors with various types of original embossing accurately imitate natural textures. The relief surface together with deep, noble shades, makes these decors as natural as possible.
Decors of Perfect series represent the ideal choice to design a wide range of spaces of various stylistic trends.

Actual color and texture of decors may vary slightly from the images presented on the site.


Type of surfacetextured


Panel2600 х 238 х 6 mm S=0,6188 m2
Package of panels1 package = 8 pcs = 4, 9504 м2 ≈ 23,5 kg 1 package = 48 pack. = 237, 6192 м2 ≈ 1200 kg
Folding corners2600 х 56 х 3 мм
Package folding corners1 package = 40pcs; 1 pallet = 2560pcs
Fillets2400 х29 х 9,5 мм
Package of fillets1 package = 10pcs; 1 pallet = 1540pcs
Finishing planks2600 х 26 х 3 мм
Package of finishing planks1 package = 80pcs; 1 pallet = 4480pcs
Shaped insertion2600 х 89 х 6 мм
Package of shaped insertion1 package = 8pcs; 1 pallet = 968pcs
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